Refine your technique. Set Goals. Build Confidence.

Participate in an engaging, 10 session virtual course with 5x Olympic Gold Medalist & 11x World Champion Missy Franklin. 

A Letter From Missy

Hi all! I truly could not be more excited about this opportunity to not only work with you and (hopefully!) help you become the best athlete and person you can be, but to get to know you on a personal level over our ten sessions together.

Relationships mean so much to me, and while this course is fundamentally based on sharing knowledge and experience, it is also based on forming relationships with YOU. I have worked so hard on curating ten sessions that cover what I think are the most important topics in an athlete’s life, and I cannot wait to discuss them all with you.

My goal is to provide you with tools and resources that you have never had to guide you on your beautiful and unique journey.

I want to help you grow not just as athletes, but as human beings. So let’s get started!

Refine Your Technique

Learn from the best! Missy will stream live from an endless pool, analyzing her stroke, and providing tips, guidelines and feedback to improve your Backstroke and Freestyle techniques.

Set Goals

Learn how Missy set her own goals, and how to set, apply, and stick to your own goals to your personal swim career. 

Build Confidence

Learn and discuss the importance of mentality and confidence in training and competition.

Course schedule:

January 7th - 5:30pm MST
January 9th - 2pm MST
January 12th - 5:30pm MST
January 14th - 5:30pm MST
January 16th - 2pm MST
January 19th - 5:30pm MST
January 21st - 5:30pm MST
January 23rd - 2pm MST
January 26th - 5:30pm MST
January 28th - 5:30pm MST

Persevere & Reach Your Goals

Missy's 10-session course discuss all facets of being an athlete, the beautiful sport of swimming, and hopes to leave you with all the tools and resources you need to guide you on your beautiful and unique swimming journey. 
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